How to Get Better Sleep?

So, are you facing trouble to get better sleep?

Hell yeah! I had faced the same issue like yours in the past. I overcome it from my own experiments. You can find it here what I did to get better sleep. 

Let me tell you, how to get better sleep from my own experience.

how to get better sleep

Reduce usage of mobile phone, computer or any digital screen at night

Most people sleep with their mobile phones next to them, I also did it, Maybe you also doing this. Mobile phones transmitting blue lights into your eyes while you using it. Blue light tricks your body and brain into thinking it’s day time.

How to protect from blue light:

Wear eyeglasses, which has the capability to block the blue light coming from the digital screen. You can visit, Lenskart or coolwinks for the blue light blocker spectacles. Both the company has various offers running right now, so you get a blue light protector eyeglasses at a very cheap cost.

Install an app on your smartphone from your respective marketplace (android, ios), which has a facility to block the blue lights. Some apps are free and some are paid.

Check out these apps for block the blue light:

Apps for android: twilight, Iris

App for ios: Iris

Stop using mobile phones 2 hours before going to bed for sleep. I personally do this for a while and believe me it is super beneficial for your health and sleep. You get better sleep. 

Not worried about the future plan more

People worried about their future life. If you more think about your future, your mind continuously running and it will be stopping you to get better sleep. Stop overthinking, and stay positive always. Everything happens for the reason. 

Not worried about the past

I used to think about my whole day’s story when I’m going to bed. But after a time I realize that it would lead me overthinking and alternatively to not a get better sleep.

Some days passed very well and some days are the worst of the worst in my life. So, now I believe not to think more about the past that I don’t be changed anyway. 

Eat lite food as dinner

Most of the fitness enthusiast told us to have a lite dinner always, I always appreciate them. But it is not possible for everyone. Because in our country there are so many people who go to office did their breakfast at home, quit lunch and take dinner directly at home.

I prefer to eat almost between 7 to 7:30 P.M. for myself and I sleep at around 11:00 P.M. So my body gets almost 4 hours to digest the food that I ate in the evening and get proper sleep. 

Avoid caffeine at night. Avoid heavy carbs like white rice at night. I personally drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime and it helps me to get better sleep. You can also try it!

Take at least 20-30 minutes night walk before sleeping

Whenever I did heavy works in the day I get better sleep. If you doing some heavy tasks throughout the day then definitely you get the better sleep but if you doing heavy tasks and after that, you didn’t get the better sleep then my friend you have to fix an appointment with your doctor first.

Usually, I don’t perform any physical heavy task throughout the day. So, I just walk around 30-45 minutes before my bedtime. Believe me or not I personally feel the change in my quality of sleep. Studies show that a person who walks for at least around 45 minutes a day, will reduce 90% chances to get diabetes in the future. 


I don’t believe in the meditation before one month, but thanks to my friend hemal who introduce me to meditation for more focusing on the works. Believe me, it works. 

Meditation has the power to find your inner peace. Right now, I’m feeling it. I’m now calmer than before. The more peace you find the more you free from the stress and ultimately it leads to better sleep. 

I usually do 5 minutes of meditation in a day. I do it in the morning but you can do it just before bedtime. It will definitely help you to get better sleep. 

Change your mattress

The mattress is a very crucial part for better sleep. If you have hard and bad odour mattress, then chances are more you do not get better sleep at night.

Always, invest your money into quality, not quantity. A high-quality mattress can easily survive for 8-10 years. So, always invest in a quality product, but quality products are expensive but it worth of the money for sure. 

Nowadays, the mattress is made from high-quality materials, that reduce your back pain and body pain. You can sleep comfortably the whole night. 

If your existing mattress is 6 years or more than old, then I recommend you to buy a new one. If you purchase the right one then it would definitely help you to get better sleep. 

Check out the mattress buying guide HERE.

Check out the best mattress to get better sleep HERE.

Final words on how to get better sleep!

There are so many reasons you do not get better sleep. Find out what is your reasons that stopping you to get better sleep, and find out the solution for it. The human can find anything they want in life. 

I personally execute what I told you in the blog post to get better sleep at night. You can find what is your problem and how you can overcome it. 

Do meditation for at least 5 minutes, take lite dinner, walk for 20-30 minutes, and take less stress to get better sleep for sure. 

Pro tip: Think about the places to travel where you want to go in the future, and think about it and slowly closed your eyes and feel the emotions of reaching that place. It gives your mind an illusion and you get better sleep.

Let me know in the comment section what is stopping you to get better sleep. I will try to solve your sleeping problems. 

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