Sleepyhead Flip Mattress Review: Is it really comfortable?

Sleepyhead flip is a budget-friendly mattress that comes with dual side comfort.

Is it really worth it for under 10,000 INR?

In this article, you’ll find a detailed Sleepyhead flip mattress review. So, you can decide whether to buy it or ditch it.

Of Course like every other mattress there are downsides but there are lots of cool features that you’ll like.

So, Does flip really help you to roll and feel comfortable?

Let’s find out.

Sleepyhead flip mattress review

Sleepyhead is a subsidiary of Duroflex India. Duroflex is a well-known brand in India.

Haven’t you watched the Duroflex TV ads by Alia Bhatt?

Packaging and delivery

You’ll get Sleepyhead flip in a small box. The mattress is fitted in by vacuum pressed.

Unboxing should be fun and easy. You’ll feel like you’re unpacking a comforter.

However, be careful while cutting the plastic wrapping around the mattress.

Sleepyhead flip comes with tight wrapping.

Like very tight.

You don’t want to cut your new mattress. Do you?

Let your mattress keep as it is for 24 hours to get to the original shape. If possible, open the window.

The initial foam smell will vanish away.

The sad part is…you won’t be able to fold your mattress again. It’s almost impossible with every other foam mattress.

Why do wise people buy stuff online?

For saving money, time, and transportation headache. Right?

Every 15 days there are sales on Amazon. And they have fast delivery especially if you live in a metro city.

The best part about Amazon is…it will deliver to nearly all over India. At your doorstep even if you live on the 6th floor for FREE.

I think you know about how Amazon works. Right?

Let me tell you more things about the Sleepyhead flip that you need to know.

Construction and Design

Sleepyhead flip is made with a combination of soft and hard foam. Foam is known for adaptability and superior comfort.

It will easily adapt according to your body shape for better movement and comfort.

The outer cover is knitted with breathable fabric. It’s not removable.

One side has a grey colour which doesn’t easily get dirty but the opposite side has white colour…

…and that will easily get dirty. You will need a mattress protector to maintain hygiene.

Sleepyhead flip’s corners and edges are well built. You won’t feel toppled over while sleeping just in the corners.

It is available in all Indian standard sizes. You’ll get two thickness options: 5 and 6 inches.

The Sleepyhead flip mattress looks premium. You can’t say it will come under 10,000 INR just from the look.

Thumbs up for the minimal and clean look.

Comfort and support

Sleepyhead flip’s main selling point is the dual side comfort.

On one side you’ll get a medium firm comfort and on the opposite side, you’ll get a medium soft comfort.

So, if you are confused about which mattress comfort you’ll like before buying a mattress then Sleepyhead flip would be your best bet.

You can flip it according to your mood. It’s lightweight.

The soft side will give you a hotel-quality feel. You’ll feel sinking in. However, the soft side is not useful for long sitting.

The medium firm side will give you balanced comfort. Not too hard or not too soft. It is suitable for longer sitting as well.

It will maintain your natural spine shape. You’ll feel relaxed the next morning.

Now, comfort is a subjective part and it ranges from person to person. I personally like to sleep on a medium firm.

If you’re heavier, like more than 80 kg then sleep on a firm side for more comfort. If you’re below 80 kg then you can choose anyone.

Medium firm comfort is good for maintaining the natural shape of your spine.

The soft side will sink your hips in and might lead to lower back pain problems in the future.

Sleepyhead flip heats up a bit in the summer especially if you’re a hot sleeper who lives in a humid area like Mumbai or Bangalore.

However, if you have AC you won’t notice it. In that case, you can blindly go with Sleepyhead flip.

Almost all entry-level foam mattresses heat up in the summer. If you want a heat-free mattress then go for Sunidra CR200 or Flo ortho.

If budget is not a concern then check out Sleepyhead Laxe. it will come under 15,000 INR.

It’s made with a combination of latex and foam. You’ll get a heat-free yet comfortable sleep.

Flo ortho can be the best budget option for humid areas. It is also made up of foam but there is enough air circulation for beating the summer heating.

Warranty and durability

Sleepyhead flip comes with 5 years warranty. It will easily last for 5-10 years if you take enough care.

And most important…don’t let your kid jump. Ok, Once in a while is fine😅.

Sleepyhead flip specification

Available sizesingle, double, queen, king
Available colourwhite-grey
Weight17 kg (for queen size)
Warranty5 years
Latest priceCheck on Amazon


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Both the opposite sides can be usable
  • Budget-friendly and durable
  • Corners/edges are well built
  • Minimal yet premium looks
  • Comfortable for the long sleep
  • 5 years warranty


  • Can easily get dirty if you use it without a bedsheet or protector
  • Might feel body heating in summer if you live in a humid area (the AC room won’t notice it)

Sleepyhead flip alternatives

There are two other quality mattresses that also fall into the same budget with the same quality.

  1. Wakefit dual mattress
  2. Sleepx dual mattress

According to my experience, Sleepx dual is not worth the money. Then the only Sleepyhead flip alternative left is Wakefit dual.

Wakefit dual mattress competes neck to neck with Sleepyhead flip. Let’s find out the good and bad things about Wakefit dual.

Sleepyhead flip vs Wakefit dual mattress

Wakefit is the most selling online brand in India. Wakefit dual mattress has more than 40k+ positive reviews.

You might have spotted Wakefit dual on Amazon once for sure.

I already made a detailed Wakefit dual mattress review the other day.

So, here I will share only some of the key points of Wakefit dual over Sleepyhead flip and vice versa.

Construction and Design:

Both are made with the same materials: Foam. They’re lightweight. You can easily flip them.

Sleepyhead flip is 300-500 Rs more expensive than Wakefit dual. But Sleepyhead flip looks more aesthetic than Wakefit dual.

Wakefit dual easily get dirty compared to Sleepyhead flip. But Wakefit dual has a removable and washable outer cover that lacks in Sleepyhead flip.

Both the mattresses offer all Indian standard size options. With Wakefit you can go for 4,5,6 inch thickness while Sleepyhead flip has 5 and 6-inch options.

Comfort and Support:

You’ll get dual comfort in both mattresses. There is no huge difference in terms of comfort.

But If I have to pick one then I will go with Sleepyhead flip’s comfort. Comfort is a subjective topic though.

Whether you choose Wakefit dual or Sleepyhead flip you won’t disappoint in comfort quality.

You’ll feel body heating in summer on both the mattresses since they’re made of foam materials.

But Sleepyhead flip is slightly better than Wakefit dual in terms of minimizing body heating.

If you have AC in the room you won’t notice the body heating problem in both the mattresses.

The edges or corners are well maintained in Sleepyhead flip. Heavy people might feel toppled over while sleeping just at the corners on Wakefit dual.

Wakefit dual comes with zero motion technology. You won’t feel any disturbance while your partner moves or turns while sleeping.

Sleepyhead flip hasn’t any zero motion technology feature.

Warranty and Durability:

Sleepyhead flip comes with 5 years warranty. Wakefit dual comes with 7 years warranty.

Both mattresses are durable and can last for 5-10 years if you take enough care.

So, Sleepyhead flip v/s Wakefit dual who will win the battle?

If you compare the features then Wakefit dual wins the game with a little margin.

But in terms of overall quality Sleepyhead flip is the best option for quality sleep.


Sleepyhead flip is a budget-friendly option that will give you medium firm comfort on one side and medium soft on the opposite.

You’ll feel comfortable sleeping on both sides. However, a medium firm side is more suitable to maintain a natural spine shape.

Sleepyhead flip will easily get dirty if you don’t use a protector or bedsheet.

Corners are well built, you won’t feel toppled over while sleeping just at the corners.

Nearly every entry-level foam mattress is prone to produce body heat in summer.

Sleepyhead flip also heats up a little in summer, especially if you live in a humid area or metro city. However, you won’t feel it if you turn on the AC.

I think it won’t bother you! Because most people won’t feel any trouble while sleeping on Sleepyhead flip.

Only hot sleepers will find it hot.

Are you a hot sleeper?

Then you can check out Sunidra CR200(coir) or Flo ortho(foam) in the nearly same budget.

If budget is not a concern then go with Sleepyhead Laxe (Latex-foam). You won’t feel body heat.

Sleepyhead flip is lightweight. You can easily flip it and move it to another area with ease.

It looks and feels so premium that you can’t guess the price just by looking at the mattress.

So, does Sleepyhead flip worth the price?

Absolutely. You can go with Sleepyhead flip. You’ll definitely get a comfortable experience.

Check out the latest price on Amazon from HERE.

I hope now you’ll easily make your decision after reading this detailed Sleepyhead flip review.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section. I’ll help you.

Until then sweet dreams.



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