3 Best Pillows For Sleeping In India 2023 [Tried & Tested]

In this article, I will share the 3 best pillows for sleeping in India that are tried and tested by real humans with positive feedback.

Both pillows are different from each other. So choose according to your needs!

In case you’re in a hurry, check out the table below.

Wakefit pillowValue for moneyCheck on Amazon
Sleepycat orthoHelps reduce neck-shoulder painCheck on Amazon
Fovera wedgeHelpful in acid reflux,GERD any other medical conditionsCheck on Amazon

You’ll also find an in-detailed review for each pillow right below.

Best pillows in India

Here are the 4 major points I have kept in mind while shortlisting the best pillows in India.

A pillow should be…

  • Comfortable to sleep
  • Suitable to all age groups: kids, adults, seniors
  • Perfectly stitched
  • Comes with a washable cover

The first one is…

Wakefit pillow

Wakefit is one of the trusted brands in the mattress industry.

And This Wakefit pillow has earned the “best-selling” batch on Amazon.

Construction and design:

Wakefit pillow is made from 200 GSM hollow fibre filling. The outer cover is made with 350 GSM spun polyester fabric.

The best part is…you will get an extra 300 gm of fibre fill along with a pillow. So you can fill it according to your needs and adjust the pillow height.

If you want… you can also remove the extra filling to make it flat just by opening the zipper.

This Wakefit pillow comes in white-grey colour. Don’t worry! It’s machine washable.

The dimension of the pillow is: 27 x 16 inches

Comfort and support:

It feels fluffy and soft. It offers medium firm comfort. It’s good for your neck and shoulders.

But if you are already facing a neck pain problem then this might not work for you! Don’t worry, I have listed another pillow for that. We will talk about it in a minute.

As of now, you will get a 3 months manufacturing warranty with the Wakefit pillow. This is the ONLY brand in the list which offers a warranty yet.

It’s suitable for all types of sleepers: side, back, stomach and combination

As of now, Wakefit pillow has 4.4 star ratings with more than 45,000 positive reviews.


  • Best selling product on Amazon
  • You’ll get 300 gm of extra filling for height adjustments
  • Machine washable
  • 3 months manufacturing warranty
  • Trusted brand


  • The outer cover will easily get dirty without a pillow cover

Bottom line:

If you want a value for money pillow then the Wakefit pillow is a no-brainer deal.


Check out the user reviews and latest price from HERE.

The next on the list is…

Sleepycat orthopedic pillow

This pillow is specially designed to reduce neck and shoulder pain. So, if you’re struggling with neck or shoulder pain this will be a GAME CHANGER.

Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this pillow if you don’t have neck-shoulders pain problems.

Of course, you can.

Construction and design:

Sleepycat ortho is made from open-cell memory foam filling. This is the same material most comfortable mattresses are made with.

Memory foam adapts according to your body shape for better movements and comfort.

The outer cover is made of bamboo fabric. It’s organic and hypoallergenic.

It has honeycomb textures which feel soft. And the subtle yellow edges compliment the overall look 😍

It comes with a zipper to remove and wash the cover to maintain hygiene.

It’s available in two different size options: Standard (25 x 16 inches) and President (28 x 18 inches).

Comfort and support:

This Sleepycat pillow is soft and cozy. It comes with a medium firm comfort.

It helps keep your spine neutral while you sleep. Which is good for your neck and shoulders.

It’s best suitable for the side and back sleepers. But, a stomach or combination sleeper can also consider it.

As of now, the Sleepycat ortho pillow has 4.2 star ratings with more than 1,600 positive reviews.

I agree this pillow is a little expensive! But memory foam is not a cheap material.


  • Helps reduce neck and shoulders pain
  • Minimal yet premium looks
  • Washable outer cover
  • Organic outer cover
  • Hypoallergenic


  • The outer cover will easily get dirty without a pillow cover
  • Little expensive

Bottom line:

If you are struggling with neck or shoulder pain then this Sleepycat ortho pillow will be the best option.


Check out the user reviews and latest price from HERE.

And the last pillow on the list is a little bit different from the others…

Fovera wedge pillow

You might be wondering, what is a wedge pillow?

The wedge pillow is a special triangle shaped pillow that raises the top half of your body while you sleep.

The goal is to help you rest easier. But it’s also helpful in some medical conditions.

Like acid reflux, GERD, digestion issues, heartburn, body joint pain, post-surgical recovery, snoring, and vertigo and the uses are endless!

It’s also helpful in pregnancy and in breastfeeding for better support to the mother.

Construction and design:

Fovera wedge pillow is made from memory foam filling. The outer cover is made with breathable velvet fabric.

Velvet fabric increases the premiums. Who doesn’t like to touch the velvet often? Everyone does. Right?

You can remove and wash the outer cover.

It’s available in multiple colour options. It comes with 2 different size options: large and extra large.

Check out the different colour and size options from HERE.

Comfort and support:

The best part is…Fovera wedge pillow is height adjustable.

You can adjust 7 different heights or angles according to your preference.

It’s not just made to support your back! But you can also use it for leg elevation as well for a comfy experience while using the phone or reading the book.

You’ll get a lounge feel in your home! It’s soft and super comfy.

As of now, the Fovera wedge pillow has 4.3 star ratings with more than 600 positive reviews.

Definitely, this pillow is not for everyone. It’s expensive!

But if you ask me, is it worth the money? YEAH, 100% will be my answer.


  • Available in multiple colour and size options
  • Best suitable for digestion-related problems
  • It inclines the top half of your body for the better comfort
  • The outer velvet increases the premiums
  • 7 ways height adjustable
  • Suitable in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Suitable in post-surgery recovery


  • A little heavy compared to traditional pillows
  • Expensive (but you need to also understand that this is not a traditional pillow!)

Bottom line:

Fovera wedge pillow is most useful if you are struggling with Acid reflux, GERD, body pain or any other medical condition. It’s also useful in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and post-surgery recovery. And It also can be the best option to spend the weekend… watching your favourite show and chilling. Isn’t it?


Check out the user reviews and latest price from HERE.

So, that is the END of the list.

In case you’re a scroller and missed the content to read then let me conclude it for you. No need to thank 😉

Best pillows in India:

Wakefit pillow: Value for money

Sleepycat ortho: Helps reduce neck-shoulder pain

Fovera wedge pillow: Helpful in post-surgery recovery, digestion problems, acid reflux, GERD, heartburn or any other medical conditions and in pregnancy, breastfeeding and just to chill and enjoy the comfort.

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Until then sweet dreams.


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