The Sleep Company Smart Ortho Mattress Review: Hype busted!

The sleep company Smart ortho mattress is known for reducing back pain problems.

Is it really worth it under 20,000 Rs. in India?

In this article, you’ll find a detailed Smart ortho mattress review. So, you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Of course! Like every other mattress, Smart ortho does have some downsides but there are lots of cool things that you’ll like.

So, is Smart ortho really helpful in reducing back pain?

Let’s find out.

Smart ortho mattress review

The sleep company is making a mark in the Indian market not just because of Anil Kapoor!

The sleep company has innovated the SmartGRID technology. It makes them different from traditional mattresses.

It’s nothing but a box grid structure. It’s made from a hyper-elastic polymer.

SmartGRID is similar to memory foam material but with better air circulation and more comfort.

Packaging and Delivery

You’ll get a Smart ortho mattress in a cylindrical box. The mattress is fitted in by a vacuum press.

The outer plastic packaging is tight. So, be careful while cutting the wrap.

You don’t want to cut your NEW mattress accidentally 😅! Do you?

If you’re buying a mattress online for the first time, then it would be a great experience for you to see the flat mattress turn into a full-fledged bed!

(PRO TIP: Shoot a video when you unbox any stuff purchased online. You will have proof!)

Leave your mattress as it is for the next 24 hours. The wrinkles will go away.

Since Smart ortho is not completely organic you might notice shuttle chemical smell.

Don’t worry it will go away within 2-10 days.

Do you know…

What is the best advantage of buying a mattress online?

You’ll save your money, time, energy, and transportation headache. Amazon will take care of everything.

You’ll get your product delivered to your doorstep even if you live on the 6th floor!

No matter where you live, Amazon covers nearly every service location. So, it’s best to order from Amazon.

And what else is more trustworthy than Amazon?

SORRY! I think you know about how Amazon works. Right?

Let me tell you more things about Smart ortho that you want to know.

Construction and Design

The sleep company(TSC) Smart ortho is made from SmartGRID and foam materials.

In the 6-inch version you’ll get:

  • 1” SmartGRID layer
  • 5” High resilient foam

SmartGRID adjusts according to your body shape for better comfort and movements.

The high resilient foam provides stability and orthopedic support to reduce back pain.

The non-removable outer cover is knitted with 550 GSM cotton fabric. It will give a premium feel.

You’ll get two colour options with Smart ortho: White and Grey.

White will easily get dirty but Grey won’t. But you need to pay 3,000 Rs. extra for the Grey colour.

Yes! The sleep company is playing a PRICE GAME!

A mattress protector is a must if you want to retain the mattress quality for longer.

If money is not a concern then I highly recommend the Grey colour. It looks more aesthetic and it has a better texture than white.

At least I love the Grey 😍. Don’t you feel the same?

However, both colours look premium. You will feel the luxurious feel for sure.

Smart ortho comes in multiple size options: Single, double, queen, king, and custom.

You can customize your mattress size according to your bed measurements. For that, you need to contact customer support.

Few online companies are offering size customization options as of now, The sleep company is one of them.

You can choose from 3 thickness options: 5,6,8

6 inches should be ideal for most people but if you’re heavyweight go with extra thickness for better comfort.

If you are really on the budget but want to sleep on something better than memory foam then 5 inches should be enough.

5 or 6 inches should be best for senior citizens. Higher mattress thickness will increase your bed height!

So, for senior citizens, 5 or 6 inches should be ideal for better ingress or egress. It’s not a set rule though!

The 8-inch option is slightly better for reducing back pain. But you have to pay extra.

It’s common! Price may increase when you opt-in for a higher thickness option.

Comfort and Support

This alone point can make or break your decision. So, read it carefully.

Smart ortho comes with medium firm(7 on the firmness scale) comfort. It’s not too soft nor too firm.

The medium firm is the best comfort especially for reducing back pain.

You’ll get firm comfort at the back to keep your spine in a natural position while your shoulder and the hip area will get little soft comfort.

It will relieve the pain points.

So, you’ll get a comfortable yet back pain-free sleep even if you sleep on your side, stomach, or back.

Does Smart ortho help in reducing back pain?

Absolutely YES. If you are struggling with back pain due to your old mattress, Smart ortho will help you.

(But take it with a pinch of salt. Most people have different reasons for back pain.

If you are facing chronic back pain then you need to visit the doctor first. No mattress will help you if you have a different problem with your back pain)

You might feel a little discomfort while sitting at the corners on Smart ortho. It will sink in especially if you’re heavyweight.

Go with a higher thickness to avoid it.

However, it gives proper support while sleeping. No sinking feeling while sleeping.

When I told this to my cousin, she replied…

Mattresses are meant for sleeping not for sitting. Her answer totally blew my mind.

Maybe she is right!

SmartGRID contains 2500 air flow channels for better air circulation. You won’t feel hot sleeping in Smart ortho even in summer.

TSC Smart ortho comes with motion isolating technology. You won’t feel any disturbance even if your partner moves or turns while sleeping.

If you’re switching from conventional or cotton mattresses to Smart ortho you might feel a little discomfort in the initial days.

But your body will get used to it in 7-10 days and you’ll feel comfortable.

TSC Smart ortho is heavy, especially higher thickness Queen or King size. You’ll need help for sure while moving it.

It would be great if Smart ortho has straps for the grip. Just saying😅

However, once you placed the mattress on your bed then you might barely touch it until you want to decide to switch places.

But if you have a bed with inside compartments then it might be a hurdle for a single person!

Well not in a case if you’re a bodybuilder! 😉

Warranty and Durability

TSC Smart ortho comes with 10 years warranty. It will easily last for 12-15 years if you take enough care.

Don’t let your kids jump on the mattress. Once in a while should be ok 😅.

Just add the mattress protector, don’t spill liquid, and avoid eating food on the bed.

Left food particles will invite bacteria and dust mites. It will slowly destroy your mattress.

Do you eat your food on the bed?

Who am I to stop you! It’s your bed your choice 😅.

Customer support

If any brand sells stuff online they need to be customer-centric otherwise it might lose the customer’s trust.

Social media can easily break or make any brand nowadays!

The sleep company has active customer support. You can read the positive User reviews HERE.

They will listen to your problems and will help you to resolve them.

If you aren’t satisfied with the product you can replace it in a certain day’s window.

I have seen many people getting a brand new mattress as a replacement for the old one just because they’ve raised questions.

The sleep company Smart ortho specifications:

Available sizesingle, double, queen, king, custom
Available colourwhite, grey
Comfortmedium firm
Weight40 kg (for queen size)
Warranty10 years
Latest priceCheck on Amazon


  • Available in multiple size, colour, and thickness options
  • Helpful in reducing back pain
  • Made from innovative SmartGRID technology
  • Suitable to all age groups
  • Suitable to all types of sleepers: side, back, stomach
  • Won’t produce body heat in summer
  • Comes with motion isolating technology
  • Premium touch and comfort
  • 10 years warranty


  • Heavyweight
  • The white colour will easily get dirty without a mattress protector
  • Not ideal for longer sitting especially in the corners

Check out the User reviews and Price HERE.

TSC Smart ortho alternatives

Although TSC Smart ortho is a comfortable mattress, but if you find it expensive then here are Smart ortho alternatives…

There are tons and tons of orthopedic mattresses available. To be honest NOT every mattress will give you results.

Only a few mattresses will help you get a comfortable experience.

I already wrote a detailed list of the best orthopedic mattress the other day. It contains 5 different mattresses.

Many people are confused between Smart ortho and Smart luxe from the same brand.

Let me help you in a straight way…

Smart ortho vs Smart luxe

I’m not going to compare each and everything here since I already wrote a detailed Smart luxe mattress review the other day.

I will let you know the points which differentiate both the mattresses from each other.

Both mattresses have the same SmartGRID technology. In Smart ortho, you’ll get 1” SmartGRID layer while 2” in the Smart luxe.

However, Smart luxe is 4,000-5,000 Rs more expensive than Smart ortho.

The MAJOR difference is comfort level.

Smart ortho comes with medium firm comfort while Smart luxe with medium soft.

Medium firm comfort is ideal for back pain problems. Medium soft will give you a soft hotel-quality feel.

Smart luxe is specially designed to give a more luxurious experience while Smart ortho is designed for reducing back pain problems.

If you are struggling with back pain, then Smart ortho will be the best choice.

For the luxurious 5-star hotel feel, Smart luxe will be the best choice.

If you want a comfortable mattress just for normal sleeping, then you can go with anyone between both.

I hope now, you don’t have any confusion between Smart ortho and Smart luxe!


The sleep company is a relatively new brand compared to other GIANTS brands in India.

But it’s growing rapidly not just because of the innovative SmartGRID technology.

People are getting benefits from the products and you can see them in the reviews here.

Of course, you might have seen negative reviews as well. Like I said earlier, not every mattress is meant for everyone!

Some people bought the mattress without even researching the product and that’s why they struggle with the bad or I would say Inappropriate product.

Every product is good! We have to check if that product will fulfill our requirements or not.

You’re reading till here…means you know the positive and negative things about TSC Smart ortho.

Let me sum it up for you…

TSC Smart ortho is comfortable yet helpful in reducing back pain problems. Just avoid sitting at the corners if you’re heavyweight otherwise you might sink in!

Check out the User reviews and Price HERE.

I hope you have found this detailed Smart ortho mattress review helpful. If you did, share it with your friends who also want to buy a Smart ortho.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment.

I will help you out.

Till then sweet dreams!



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