Soft vs Medium vs Firm Mattress: Which Suits You Best?

There are 3 different mattress comfort level exists in India:

  1. Soft
  2. medium
  3. firm/hard

Every comfort level has its own pros and cons.

So, In this article, I will explain different mattress comfort levels and I will also let you know…which comfort should be ideal for you according to your sleeping habits.

Difference between the soft, medium, and firm mattress

Mattress firmness scale india

This is a mattress firmness scale. On a mattress scale…

1-4 indicates soft comfort, 5-6 indicates medium comfort, and 7-10 indicates firm/hard comfort.

Let’s understand the first one.

Soft comfort

Soft comfort is most suitable for lightweight people with below 60 kg in body weight.

It’s also ideal for side sleepers and kids.

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It will easily sink in your body and you’ll feel like sleeping on clouds. Some hotel mattresses use soft comfort for the feel-good factor.

But beware! It creates uneven balance in your spine by sinking in your hips. So, in the long run, it may cause back pain or back stiffness.

Soft comfort is also known as plush.

To be honest…I RARELY recommend a soft mattress to anyone unless and until he/she badly wants a soft feel.

The second comfort on the list is…

Medium comfort

Medium or medium firm comfort is the most SAFEST and BALANCED comfort level. It falls between soft and hard so you’ll have a comfortable yet cozy sleeping experience.

If you don’t know about your sleeping style, always go with medium comfort. You won’t disappoint.

Nearly 70% of mattresses available on the Internet come with medium firm comfort. So you can tell…It’s quite a popular choice among mattress buyers.

Medium comfort is ideal for normal people with 60-95 kg in body weight. It’s ideal for nearly all age groups: kids, adults, and seniors.

It’s also ideal for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

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Many pregnant ladies also find comfortable sleeping on medium comfort. However, you should consult your doctor first!

Medium comfort maintains a natural spine shape and gives proper back support to sleep comfortably. It also can be the best comfort level to deal with back pain problems.

That’s why many orthopedic mattresses come with a medium firm comfort.

The last comfort level is…

Firm comfort

Firm or also known as hard comfort is ideal for heavyweight people with more than 95 kg in body weight.

It is also suitable for back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

It also can be suitable for senior citizens who find it hard to get up from bed.

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In old age…people often struggle with body pain problems. And some of them struggle to get up from the bed too.

Firm comfort creates a strong base…so senior people or heavyweight individuals can easily get up from bed without taking any extra effort.

A firm mattress maintains the natural shape of the spine without sinking in your hips.

However, Some people might feel like sleeping on a rock with a firm mattress. In that case, you can go with medium comfort as well.


If you ask a different person to sleep on the same mattress…there might be a high chance that every person has something different to tell you about mattress comfort.

Definitely, Mattress comfort level is a subjective topic Since every person has different sleeping habits.

My medium might be soft for you and vice versa. But if you follow these basic guidelines that I have given in this article…

Then you might not get disappointed by your decision!

If you’re still confused in choosing the best mattress comfort level then let me give you a straightforward answer.

Soft comfort is ideal for a lightweight person with less than 60 kg body weight. It will give you cloud-level comfort. It is also suitable for side sleepers.

Medium comfort is ideal for nearly most body types no matter what your age: kids, adults, or seniors. It also helps in relieving back pain.

Firm comfort is ideal for heavyweight individuals with more than 95 kg body weight and it’s also ideal for senior people who find it hard to get up from the bed.

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I hope now you know the differences between soft, medium, and firm mattresses.

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Do you find this article helpful? Share it with your friends who want to buy a new mattress and are confused about different mattress comfort levels.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions in mind. I will help you.

Until then, see you!


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