I am Hardik Sonawala based in India.

I love to sleep, do you?

In the past, I had trouble getting better sleep and sometimes I get muscle soreness too.

That’s why I decided to do deep research on “mattresses”.

Eventually, I came up with great knowledge and resources about mattresses.

So, I decided to help our community to find better quality sleep through digital platforms.

And, that’s how Mattresses Buzz was born in 2019.

I put all of my mattress knowledge and resources into this blog.

I talk about the “best mattresses” in the Indian market by doing thorough research.

On this blog, I’m trying to help you to get better sleep by suggesting, quality mattresses.

You can also find the same mattress guide content on Mattresses Buzz’s YouTube channel in video format.


Do you have any questions or want to collaborate?

Drop them here: [email protected]


Disclaimer: All the points described in this blog are my experience or others’ experience regarding mattresses or sleep or health-related matters. Any blog post on this blog doesn’t qualify to prevent any health-related problems.

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