8 Ways to Extend Your Mattress’s Life Period

Well, buying a new mattress is not cheap in India.

So, it’s become your duty to protect it and use it as long as possible.

In this article, I will share with you 8 proven ways to extend your mattress’s life period.

Are you ready? Let’s dig in.

How to extend a mattress’s life?

I’ve listed 8 ways to maximize your mattress’s lifespan below.

Keep it clean and dry

Everyone knows how important it is to clean the mattress regularly, especially in India.

India is a tropical country and even if you live in a building you’ll notice the dust in your home.

You can use a vacuum to clean it up all in 5 minutes or you can do it by hand as well.

Regular cleaning will extend your mattress’s life.

Your sweat, drool, tears, and dead skin easily gets into contact with your mattress while you sleep.

If you don’t clean your mattress regularly it will easily soak in the mattress and slowly destroy the material quality.

Changing and washing a bedsheet after 3 days is the best practice to keep it hygienic and protect your mattress.

Avoid eating food on the bed

Do you like to eat on the bed watching your favourite show?

Well, you’re inviting bed bugs.

Bed bugs, especially ants, can survive on tiny food. So, that tiny amount of food left on your bed even after you clean it can be a full meal for the ants.

And the ant’s bite hurt too.

Left food particles attract rats too. And if once the rat comes to your mattress then only god will save you.

Rats can destroy your whole mattress in a single night.

Next time while you eat, stay away from your bed if you want to extend your mattress’s life even playing your favourite tv show.

And if you badly want to eat on the bed then take enough precautions like bring a mat with you and spread it on the bed…

So, after eating you can easily remove those tiny particles of food.

Cover the mattress

You’ve invested a small fortune buying a comfortable mattress. What happens if your mattress gets wear or tear in a year?

That’s where mattress covers/protectors play an important role to extend your mattress’s life.

Mattress protectors are specially made to protect the mattress from dust, sweat, drool, and even dead skin.

There are different types of mattress protectors available. Normal, waterproof, zippered, and many more.

A good mattress protector will cost you between 500-2000/- INR. It is a must-buy bed accessory for everyone if one wants to maximize the mattress’s life.

Rotate the mattress

If you using a mattress for a very long time…your hips area placed on the mattress gets depressed in shape.

And it will affect your sleep.

Make sure you rotate the mattress head to toe and toe to head after every 4-6 months for a comfortable sleep.

Some mattresses have dual comfort sides which means you can use both sides for sleeping.

If you have dual comfort make sure you change the sides after 4-6 months to maintain the proper comfort of the mattress.

Keep your pet away from the bed

Many pet owners play with their pets on the bed and even some may sleep with the pet.

Well, pets are the best thing in the world for you but not for your mattress.

Your pet’s hair, drool, and dead skin can easily get into the mattress and decrease its lifespan of the mattress.

Instead, you can bring a comfortable pet bed for your pet. And there are lots of places in your home to play with your pet! Right?

Then there is no point in decreasing the mattress’s life by keeping pets on the bed.

No jumping on the bed

Kids love jumping on the bed. I’m pretty sure you also like to jump on the mattress like this.


Have you ever jumped on your bed?

No? In the hotel? You might have tried it once!

The mattress is made for sleeping not for jumping. Not every mattress is made for catching your weight while you jump on the bed.

The mattress will catch your weight even if you jump on it but if it becomes your routine every night then you’re decreasing your mattress’s life.

If you do it regularly you can break your bed so your back.

So, avoid jumping if you want to extend your mattress’s life.

And don’t let your kid jump on the bed too.

Transport with extra care

In many cases, the mattress gets torn while moving or transportation. But extra care and precaution will save your mattress from wear and tear while transporting.

Use a plastic wrap to protect the mattress. Make sure to take extra care of the corners since corners are more prone to tear while transporting.

You can use a corrugated box to increase the safety of the mattress. There are different types of corrugated boxes available from 1 ply to 5 plies.

Higher the number safer for your mattress.

Safely transport the mattress in a truck or tempo with proper plastic wrap and packaging rather than hinging on your car.


Sunlight exposure is important

Sunlight has the natural power to deodorize the mattress. Once in three months take a break and keep it in the sun for a day.

It will help deodorize the bad smell plus if your mattress has bed bugs it will also get dead because of the sun exposure.

Bed bugs are the worst enemy of the mattress. You need to give sun exposure occasionally to extend your mattress’s life.

You can use baking soda for deodorizing the mattress. Sprinkle it all over the mattress and leave it for 24 hours.


On average mattress’s lifespan may range between 7-12 years. And if you take extra care as I mentioned above you might get to 15-17 years.

Since mattresses are expensive these small tips can help you to extend your mattress’s life.

I hope you find something useful for your mattress. If you’ve any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

I’ll help you.

Till then sleep well.


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