Mattress Buying Guide India: How to Choose the Right Mattress

How many hours do you SLEEP in a night?

6,7,8,9 or more!

From 24 hours of the day, we spend nearly 7-9 hours sleeping on our mattress. And if the mattress has bad quality then we don’t get quality sleep as we need.

So, for a quality sleeps, mattress plays an important role, because of it I hope mattress buying guide India will definitely help you to find the best mattress only for you.

Buying a mattress was a very tough task for me in the past. A lot of research on the internet as well as on Amazon I had to did.

But after researching many things around the mattress, I came over to some points that help me to find the best mattress in NO TIME.


You can also overcome this HEADACHE with simple hacks.

Before I sharing the HACKS, you have to know first about, which are the points that indicate you to change your mattress.

Let’s jump into it!

Mattress buying guide

Which points indicates to change or upgrade your mattress?

Is your mattress is 7 years or more than older?

On an average, if your mattress is older over 7 years then you have to definitely think to change that mattress as soon possible.

Different types of mattress have a different life span, and it also depends on how you care that mattress.

Do you suffer from back pain or muscle soreness after waking up?

If you feel back pain, muscle soreness, and joints pain after waking up then you should invest in a good mattress that reduces or remove the body pain.

Most of the people are suffering from back pain nowadays.

So, in the market various mattress available that is specially made to remove back pain while sleeping.

Mattress plays a vital role in healing the back pain naturally if you select the proper mattress for you.

“Memory foam mattress” is the best choice for healing the back pain.

Do you know what is “Memory foam mattress”?

We will discuss it later in the blog post.

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Any changes in your body weight?

People’s weight changes from time to time!

Not clear, From the above sentence…..

Do you see your pictures from the past of the years?


Those pictures bring a smile on our faces.

In most of the cases, you become heavier then you used to be in the past.

(except in some cases, if you join the gym or do daily cardio and yoga)

In the time gap of 3-4 years, your body weight is dramatically changes and sometimes your sleeping styles too!

So, if you feel that current mattress is not comfortably fit you then chances to look around some new mattress that your body loves to.

Do you need an upgraded mattress?

If you are a man/woman who sleeps alone, then a single bed mattress in enough for you.


What happens, if you get married?

That single bed mattress not suitable for a couple, you need to upgrade the mattress from single to double or even queen size mattress.

So, how your life upgrade you have to think about your mattress too!

Does your mattress cut out from the corners?

After the years and years, the mattress can cut out from the corner and the inner materials of mattress you and your BEST FRIEND rat can easily see.

What happens if you sleeping on the mattress and something will pinch you from the mattress!

Oh, it seems horrible!

I tell you the real story of my cousin, one day in the morning he found lizard which died in his mattress!

How a lizard can go inside a mattress?

From the cut of corners! Yes

Side corners of mattress get most pressure, so chances are most that, that point cut out FIRST.


You have two options if your mattress gets cut out from the corners

  1. Get a new mattress
  2. Sewing an existing one

If a mattress is new and not older over 7 years then I prefer the 2nd option.


If a mattress is older over 7 years then I prefer the 1st option.

How to choose the right mattress only for you?

I am going to share some HACKS while selecting a mattress that will definitely help you to find out which one is the best mattress for you!

Do you know what is your sleeping styles?

Various people have various sleeping styles.

Side sleepers: They are most likely to sleep on the sided body left or right. For side sleepers, a soft mattress will be a perfect buy.

Stomach sleepers: They are most likely to sleep on their stomach and chest. For stomach sleepers, a medium-firm mattress will be a perfect buy.

Back sleepers: They are most likely to sleep on their back of the body. For back sleepers, a medium-firm mattress will be a perfect buy.

Combination sleepers: They are most likely to sleep on all the styles- sides (like me), stomach and back as well. For the combination sleepers, firm or soft both will be perfect.

Which types of mattresses you most liked?

Do you know, how many common types of mattresses available in the Indian market?

In the Indian market, 7 common types of mattresses are available.

Types of mattresses

Memory foam mattress

It is the most popular mattress type. It is a combination of foam layers with supportive foam. It gives you a pleasurable experience while sleeping.

Spring mattress

It has multiple coils that joint with each other throughout the mattress. A group of coils works as spring and it gives a bouncy feeling. The group of the coil is padding with supportive foam and fibre.

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Coir mattress

The main material of coir mattress is coconut fibre. Coir mattress is made from coconut fibre along with memory foam or supportive foam.

Latex mattress

It is one of the expensive mattresses because of the natural ingredient LATEX used for it. It has a longer life span than any other types of mattress.

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Waterbed mattress

The outer layer of the mattress is made from polyvinyl material and water are filled inside it.

Airbed mattress

The outer layer is made from polyvinyl material and the air is filled inside it by the air pump. It is most use by travel freak person who loves to travel.

What is your budget?

Budget plays a vital role in buying a mattress. All the people have a different budget and need.

So, before researching about mattress first, you ask yourself 2 questions.

What is my budget?

Which types of mattress help me to sleep well in my budget?

Which sizes of mattresses suit you very well?

The mattress has a different size. Different sizes fit with different kinds of people. In India, 5 common sizes are the most popular.

Bunk bed mattress

The bunk bed is like a multi-storey bed. The bunk bed is a two bed attaching systems, where one bed is touching with a ground surface and the other one is attaching above the surface’s bed.

It is most useful if you have two kids and less space in a room.

Standard dimension: 39”(W) x 75’’(L)

Single or twin bed mattress

It is best suitable for solo sleepers.

Standard dimension: 36’’(W) x 75”(L)

Double or full-size bed mattress

It is one and a half times larger than a single bed mattress.

It is best for sleepers who loves to spread out while sleeping.

Standard dimension: 54”(W) x 75”(L)

Queen size mattress

It is larger than a double bed mattress.

It is best suitable for a couple.

Standard dimension: 60”(W) x 78”(L)

King size mattress

It is larger than a queen-size bed mattress.

It is best to buy if you are a couple who loves to spread out while sleeping or you have a child.

Standard dimension: 72”(W) x 78”(L)

Mattress size chart in India

How much firmness do you want?

Firmness is something that totally depends on a people choice. It depends on two factors.

  1. Sleeping styles
  2. Weight of sleepers

According to tuck, most of the time side sleepers love a softer mattress. Stomach sleepers and back sleepers love to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.

So, it’s totally up to you how much firmness you want while sleeping!

How much thickness do you want?

As thickness or height of the mattress is high the price is also getting high. Standard thickness is 6 inches in most of the mattresses in India.


In the Indian market, from 5 inches to 10 inches mattresses available.

If you want then you can customize your mattress thickness too! But as I said it cost you high but it feels comfortable and uses in the long run.

Where to buy a mattress?

For buying a mattress you can find 3 best places

  1. Physical Stores
  2. Factory Outlet
  3. Online Stores

Physical(Offline) Stores

You can find the physical store nearby to your home and visit the store and choose the mattress as per your comfort.


  • All the physical store has a salesman, that gives you advice for selecting the best mattress for you
  • You can touch and feel the mattress and then buy if you like it


  • Expensive then online stores
  • Sometimes salesmen trying to make hard sales
  • You have to go to the store

Factory Outlet

The factory outlet is the manufacturer’s store. The company directly sell products from their own stores that are called Factory outlet, so the customer gets the product at a lower price.

You get a lower price than the physical store because you buy from directly the manufacturer.


  • Better price than physical stores
  • Original products
  • You can get free trials of 30-90 nights for using the mattress


  • Hard to find factory outlet nearby you
  • Most of the time new brands(not well-known brands) running a factory outlet so, we have to put trust in them

Online stores

Because of the spreading internet all over in India. Most of the Indian buyers moved from physical stores to online stores for shopping purpose nowadays.


  • You can shop it from the comfort of your place
  • No need to worry about traffic because you have no need to go to stores manually
  • Online stores have discounts from time to time


  • You can’t touch and feel the products
  • Sometimes colours may vary of products


Above all the points helping me to buy a new mattress, I hope “mattress buying guide India” also help you to find your best mattress in no time.

Here, let me break down the points more for you!

After reading and understand all the points, ask yourself 4 questions for buying a great mattress.

Why you need a mattress?

What is the best fit as per your budget and sleeping habits?

What is your family size?

Where do you want to buy?

And the answer for the best mattress for you will come for SURE!

So, Enjoy the sleeping and let me know if you have to face any problem for selecting the best mattress for you.


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