Why You Can’t Fall Asleep Faster: Top 8 Reasons

So, ever happened…

…you lying on the bed, you close your eyes and try to sleep but you can’t.

There are tons of reasons why you can’t fall asleep faster just after lying on the bed.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the top reasons why you can’t fall asleep faster at night just after lying.

I’ve also mentioned the suggestions on how to fall asleep faster. It will help you fall asleep faster next time.

why you can’t fall asleep faster


Let’s face it!

You, me, your mom everyone struggling from overthinking.

That person has told me wrong.

No! I was right.

He needs to do that.

All these types of questions you also might be getting in your head while you lie down on your bed.

Overthinking is one of the biggest reasons people didn’t fall asleep faster.

(I’m not talking about Insomnia. It’s a different topic. We should talk about it the other day)

So, how you can overcome overthinking?

It’s a bit challenging task! Because our mind is always tossing in the ocean.

If you stop thinking about how your day was spent you might get out of this overthinking zone.

So, again when you are stuck in overthinking try to take a deep breath by inhaling and exhaling about 5-7 times.

(If you can try to hold your breath for 3 seconds it will increase your focus on your movement.)

And when you do it, Focus on your breath. That’s how you can trick your mind and you can break the overthinking pattern.

This is not a scientifically proven formula (or maybe! I don’t know). This is what I personally do whenever I am stuck in overthinking pattern.

And it always leads to deep sleep for me. You can try it. It will work.

Consuming digital screen before bed

Everybody has excess to digital screens nowadays. Smartphones, laptops, TV, and whatnot.

The digital screen release blue rays. The blue rays will trick your mind that it is a day time. So you can’t fall asleep faster.

I know! It’s super hard to avoid the usage of a smartphone just before bedtime. But you can start with the 15 minutes rule.

Don’t use your phone before 15 minutes from bedtime.

And when you succeed in 15 minutes rule jump to the 1-hour rule. Don’t use a smartphone or any other digital screen before an hour from bedtime.

It will help you fall asleep faster.

At this time you can read a book. Chill with family members or with your dog if he is awake (my dog always sleeps before me).

Everyone does get a sleepy feeling while reading. Right?


What will you do if I make your favourite dish for dinner?

You overeat! Right? Me either.

When I overeat I feel heavy. And this directly affects my sleep.

I can’t fall asleep faster. I just turn right and left and some time on my tummy but I can’t get to sleep faster.

That’s why I eat light at dinner.

This will not happen with everyone though. I have friends who get fall asleep faster when they overeat compare to moderate eating. (they’re fat now)

If you also can’t fall asleep faster after overeating a tasty meal, go for a 10-15 minutes walk. It will make you little fatigue and will help you fall asleep faster.


Have you ever felt sweaty on a summer night even if your fan is ON on full speed?

Overheating can make your sleep time worst.

Surprisingly it’s not in our hands. But you can take shower with cold water just before bed. It will help you get rid of overheating issue for sure.

Or you can do pranayamas like sheetali and sheetkari. These pranayamas will make your body cool.

Just spread your mouth as you smile. Take a deep breath from your mouth by tucking your teeth together (it looks funny though). And exhale from your nose.

Do it 7-8 times and you’ll feel much different in your body temperature.

For another pranayama, slightly keep out your tongue and fold it from the middle like forming a tube and take a deep breath through it.

Exhale from the nose. It will also make your body temperature down.

You can check out how to do tutorials for both these pranayamas here. (Youtube link)

Sometimes your old mattress makes heating. You can change it up and invest in a mattress that keeps you cool while sleeping.


If you live in India you might be aware of mosquitoes’ torture. You’re a very lucky person if your home is free from mosquitoes.

You can use machhardani, electric racket, and liquid-protector like All-out or Maxo or good night to protect from mosquitoes.

The villager used to bring neem leaves and burn them to make a dhoop to remove the mosquitoes from the house.

Neem leaves are the natural insecticide to repel harmful insects. Try it if you have access to neem leaves.

Uncomfortable bedding

You might be don’t know but sometimes your existing mattress stopping you from getting a night of good sleep.

If your mattress won’t provide you proper comfort you might feel hard to fall asleep faster.

You can change it to new or you can throw an extra layer as padding to make it soft or firm according to your need.

There are couples of good quality mattresses you can get under 10,000 INR in India which will bring you a good sleep.

Change the comforter or bedsheet before it stinks. Clean your bed and make it comfortable before bedtime.

Moving to a new place

You might have facing sleeping problems when you shift to a new place or while traveling.

Your body and mind used to get asleep in a certain area. When you switch it up it takes some time for your body to get used to the area.

Every place has different lighting, temperature, and ambiance. So, if you like me you might get little time to adjust to the new place and fall asleep.

To overcome this situation you can do the same breathing exercise I told you about earlier.

Take a deep breath and focus on your breath. It will make you relax and will get you faster sleep.

If your place has AC, switch it ON. The cool temperature often makes you relaxed and cool.

Caffeine consumption

Do you drink coffee in the evening?

Coffee will keep you focused and awake. And that effect last long for nearly 6 hours.

So, if you take coffee or any other thing which has caffeine present you might get a late sleep.

If your bedtime is 11 PM avoid drinking coffee after 5 PM.


So, these are the top 8 reasons why you can’t fall asleep faster. Like I told you there are multiple reasons.

Stress, work-life tension, and anxiety can also lead to a major road blocker to get fall asleep faster.

And sleep is something that directly affects your lifestyle.

If you take a good 7-9 hours of sleep you’ll feel fresh the next morning and you can perform your daily task effectively.

So, if you facing any problems from the list I’ve mentioned above try to change them and find your night of good sleep.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask it in the comment section. I’ll help you out.

I’m not a doctor or any sleep specialist. All the points I’ve mentioned are from my own experience.

Hope you’ve learned something new and can help you to find a night of better sleep.

Till then Sweet dreams!


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