9 Proven Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

Do you like to sleep?

Well, who not!

Sleep can recharge your energy and make your body healthy.

In today’s fast-moving life people are struggling with quality sleep.

In this article, I will share with you 9 ways to improve your sleep quality.

Well, I’m not a sleep expert or doctor. All the points explained below are from my personal experience.

We are not going to talk about any research or science. I’m going to share my whole experience about how I have improved my sleep quality.

So you can do the same!

So, are you ready to improve your sleep quality?

Alright, Let’s begin then.

Reduce blue light consumption before bed

Do I need to avoid blue light? you might be thinking.

Not exactly blue light but a digital screen like a smartphone, computer, Tv, etc.

The digital screen continuously spreads blue light. And those blue lights tweak your mind that it’s still daytime.

So, if you use your smartphone just before bed your brain has a message that this is still a day time all thanks to the blue light.

And you might face difficulties getting fall asleep faster.

Avoid digital screens before 30 minutes to go to the bed. Now, this may sound weird but you do other stuff instead of using your phone or watching TV.

Reading books might be the best option!

Remember how you felt sleepy when you were studying for the exam?

Same concept! Reading wants more attention from your brain and when your brain gets tired you feel sleepy.

And if you are not into reading and still want to use your smartphone then you should install any blue light blocker apps.

They will help you block the blue lights on your smartphone.

Some of the blue light blocker apps:

  • Twilight
  • Darker
  • Blue light filter – night mode

Say no to coffee after 4 PM

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine can keep you focused and energetic.

That’s how you become focused after a cup of coffee.

But it also affects your sleep. Caffeine can survive for 6-8 hours in the body.

And if you’re caffeine-sensitive like me then you need to be more careful with your coffee consumption.

If you sleep at 11 PM then drink coffee before 4 PM.

This is not any hard and fast rule. I have seen some people get to sleep even if they consumed coffee in the late evening.

Check for yourself. If you’re caffeine-sensitive then avoid it before 6-8 hours of bed.

Stick to consistent timing

If you doing the job then you might have consistent timing for waking up and lying down.

Our body can easily adapt to the sleeping schedule so if you wake up at a certain time every day…

After a few weeks, you might not need an alarm.

You automatically wake up at a certain time. That’s the same with the sleeping time as well.

If you continuously sleep at a certain time you’ll fall asleep faster.

So, if your sleep timing is not consistent then make a one and follow it for a few weeks.

You might be surprised how your sleep quality will improve.

Comfortable bed

I have faced issues with falling asleep faster after lying down. I just changed my mattress and I got a perfect sleep.

It may sound weird but yes you need to change your mattress from time to time.

A quality mattress may last for 8-10 years, after than bring a new one.

Make a comfortable bed that you like to go to sleep in as early as possible.

Choose the right comfortable mattress, comfy bed sheets, and comforter.

I already have written an article on the best mattresses under 10,000 in India.

A comfortable bed will lead you to quality sleep for sure.


We humans think a lot. Especially while we are in the bed.

I used to think a lot about how I’ve spent my day. What happened in my job, in my life, etc.

And it always makes me worried about the future.

Now, I’m not telling you to not think about anything but…

You can’t change your past so why should you think about it over and over again?

It’s better to focus on the present and future. So, don’t overthink and live the moment.

When you are stuck in overthinking pattern try to think positively in the moment. Think about what you have right now in life which you’re grateful for.

It will make you happy instantly and so you can sleep well.

Avoid late evening dinner

You should need to maintain at least 2-3 hours of gap between your dinner and bedtime.

If you just have dinner right before bedtime you will feel gassy. And it will affect your sleep quality.

I have seen people who sleep very well just after dinner. So, you need to check for yourself what your body likes most.

I mostly eat dinner around 8 PM so I can sleep by 10:30 PM.

If you come home late from work then you should go for a quick walk after dinner.

It will help to break down the food you ate for dinner. So, you can sleep well.

Bedroom temperature and lighting

I strongly believe bedroom temperature plays the most important role in getting quality sleep.

We live in India and here 8-9 months warm temperature exists. So, if you feel warm at the night it’s hard for you to sleep well.

AC and fans are your best friend to beat the heat. Keep the right temperature when you fall asleep for comfortable sleep.

Some mattresses also cause heat production in summer. If your mattress is made of heavy chemicals then you need to change it up with an organic one.

Latex, coir, and cotton should be the best options for a cool sleeping experience.

Use warm lights (yellow lights) in the evening for a cozy experience. It will make you relaxed and help you get a night of quality sleep.

You can use smart light as well. You can operate smart lights from your smartphone.

And you can change the light colour according to your preference.

Cool. Isn’t it?

I’m using the “Wipro 9V smart bulb” in my room. I can change between multiple colours according to my mood from my smartphone.

Even I can adjust the brightness via phone which is the best part.

Cutoff daytime sleep

Are you a day sleeper?

Well, then you might be sleeping late at the night for sure!

If I take an afternoon nap then I don’t get fall asleep faster at the night.

If you sleep late because of the afternoon nap and you have to wake up at a certain time then you might get less sleep.

Don’t you feel lazy if you haven’t taken enough sleep?

It will affect your next day’s work. And you again want to sleep in the afternoon because of your body’s needs.

And you fall into the cycle of sleeping in the afternoon and late at the night.

If you won’t get enough sleep it will affect your health in the longer run.

So, cutoff afternoon nap. If you badly need a nap then take for 10-30 minutes nap.

It will make you more focused and energetic. More than 45 minutes of afternoon nap will make you lethargic and cringy.

Take shower before bed

Taking shower before bed makes you relaxed. You will sleep relaxed and clean.

A shower will not only clean your body but it will make your body relaxed.

If you feel relaxed, you will get quality sleep.

So, a shower before bed is a must!


Sleep is important to being healthy and active in day-to-day life. An average adult human being needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep.

All these above points will help you get quality sleep.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Till then sleep well.


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