The Sleep Company Smart Luxe Mattress Review: Hype busted!

The sleep company Smart luxe mattress is known for its luxurious feels and SmartGRID technology.

Is it really worth it for under 30,000 INR?

In this article, you’ll find a detailed Smart luxe mattress review. So, you can decide whether to buy it or ditch it.

Of Course like every other mattress there are downsides but there are lots of cool and unique features that you’ll like.

So, Is Smart luxe really comfortable?

Let’s find out.

Smart luxe mattress review

The sleep company is a rapidly growing brand in India. Not just because of Anil Kapoor!

But due to the UNIQUE product they offer.

Every other mattress company makes traditional mattresses. The sleep company suddenly entered the market with a different product.

Packaging and delivery

You’ll get a Smart luxe mattress in a small cylindrical box. The mattress is fitted in by a vacuum press.

Be careful while cutting the plastic wrap. Otherwise, you might end up cutting the mattress!

It’s very tight wrapping.

However, this tight packaging will ensure your product won’t get torn while in transit.

(PRO TIP: Always shoot a video while you unbox any costly product for proof)

When you unpack the mattress, it will retain its shape naturally. Leave it for 24 hours and all the wrinkles will go out.

You might notice the chemical odour from the mattress. It’s natural since it’s not completely organic.

It will vanish out within 4-5 days.

Why do clever people buy stuff ONLINE?

To save money, energy, and transportation headaches. Right?

Every week Amazon has some kind of SALE live. And they have fast and free delivery especially if you live in a metro city.

Amazon will take all the hurdles and deliver your product to your doorstep even if you live on the 6th floor.

What is more trustworthy than Amazon for buying online?

I think you know about how Amazon works. Right?

Let me tell you more things about the Smart luxe mattress that you want to know.

Construction and Design

The sleep company SmartGRID luxe mattress is made from SmartGRID and foam materials.

In the 6-inch Smart luxe version you’ll get:

  • 2’’ SmartGRID layer
  • 2” soft transition foam layer
  • 2” high resilience foam layer

The sleep company has developed their patented technology which they call SmartGRID.

SmartGRID is nothing but a combination of mesh grids. It looks and feels like memory foam.

But you will feel more comfortable sleeping in it. And the best part…

It’s made from hyper-elastic polymer. It has more than 2500+ air flow channels.

If you ever used a memory foam mattress then you might be aware of how memory foam mattresses got hot especially in summer without AC.

These 2500+ air flow channels keep the air circulation throughout the mattress to get a cool sleep even in summer.

SmartGRID adapts according to your body shape for better movements and comfort.

The soft transition foam enhances the cushioning support and comfort. The High resilient foam provides stability and strong support.

The outer cover is made with 550 GSM cotton viscose. It’s breathable. But you can’t remove it.

The top portion comes in white colour and the bottom portion is in grey colour.

The white colour easily gets dirty if you don’t use a mattress protector.

Definitely, the Smart luxe mattress has premium looks and textures. It will easily catch the attention in your room.

You’ve three thickness options to choose from: 6, 8, 10 inch

Price may vary according to the thickness. You may notice approx 4,000/- Rs. price difference between all.

The 6-inch option will be ideal for most of the users but if you want a more premium experience go with 8 or 10-inch options.

If you’re heavyweight, 10 or 8-inch options are ideal for better comfort.

You can opt for multiple sizes options: single, double, queen, king, and custom

You can customize your mattress size according to your bed measurements as well via contacting customer support.

There are FEW mattress companies that offer size customization, The sleep company is one of them.

TSC Smart luxe is heavy. It would be hard for a person to carry and move unless and until you’re a bodybuilder 😉.

And if you store stuff under your bed then you need to take your partner’s help!

It would be great if The sleep company provided the straps to carry it.

More heavy means more premium! Is it only me or do you think the same?

Comfort and Support

This point alone can break or make your decision. So, please read it carefully!

TSC Smart luxe mattress comes with medium soft(6 on the firmness scale) comfort.

It will smoothly adjust with your body and give you a cozy feel while sleeping.

Have you ever slept in a 5-star hotel?

You’ll get the same feeling with TSC Smart luxe. It not only looks luxurious but feels too.

You’ll get good support even if you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper. It will distribute your weight evenly for better comfort.

You can sleep for longer without any backache problems no matter what your age: kids, adults, or seniors.

TSC Smart luxe can be a great option for a couple who wants to spend quality time together.

You might feel sinking in while sitting for a long time especially if you’re a heavyweight. It’s not meant for longer sitting.

When I told this to my cousin…she replied, beds are meant to sleep not to sit!

It completely blew my mind. Maybe she’s right!

If you’re heavyweight you might feel toppled over while sleeping just at the corners. Normal people won’t feel any problem.

Why is there a problem with heavyweight always?

Don’t worry if you’re a heavyweight! Just go with the extra thickness option and you’ll be good.

(the other day, I have make a list of the best mattresses for heavyweight people)

TSC Smart luxe offers soft support at your shoulder and hips while firm at the back to keep your spine in natural shape.

The 2500 airflow channels keep the air circulation ON and you won’t feel hot even in summer while sleeping.

TSC Smart luxe comes with motion isolating technology. You won’t feel any disturbance even if your partner moves or turns while sleeping.

This is amazing 😍. Isn’t it?

Can Smart luxe help in reducing back pain problems?

Well, it depends. If you’ve minor back pain problems you might feel good after sleeping on Smart luxe.

There are so many people who have got positive results with their back pain problems. You can check out User reviews HERE.

TSC has another variant “The Smart ortho” especially for reducing back pain problems. It would be ideal for back pain.

Warranty and Durability

While writing this article, TSC Smart luxe comes with 10 years warranty. It will easily last for 10-15 years if you take enough care.

Just don’t let your kids JUMP. Once in a while might be ok though 😀.

Smart luxe specifications:

Available sizesingle, double, queen, king, custom
Available colourwhite-grey
Comfortmedium soft
Weight40 kg (for queen size)
Warranty10 years
Latest priceCheck on Amazon


  • Available in multiple size and thickness options
  • Provides hotel-quality feels
  • Premium looks and feels
  • Comfortable for all sleepers: back, stomach, or side
  • Relieves pain points
  • Suitable to all age groups
  • Won’t feel hot even in summer while sleeping
  • Comes with motion isolating technology
  • 10 years warranty


  • Heavyweight
  • Not ideal for longer sitting especially if you’re a heavy person

Check out the User reviews and Price HERE.

TSC Smart luxe alternatives

Another mattress from the same brand is the only direct alternative to Smart luxe as of now.

That is TSC Smart ortho. You might have spotted it once while doing your research!

Let me tell you what will be the best for you: Smart luxe or Smart ortho.

Smart luxe vs Smart ortho

I’m not going to discuss every detailed thing about Smart ortho here since I already wrote a detailed Smart ortho mattress review the other day.

I will only tell you what differentiates Smart ortho from Smart luxe. So, you can save your time and not get confused.

The sleep company uses the same SmartGRID in Smart ortho as well. The only major difference is comfort.

Smart ortho comes with medium firm comfort while Smart luxe has medium soft comfort.

In plain English…Smart ortho offers a bit harder surface than Smart luxe.

If you’re really struggling with back pain then Smart ortho would be the best pick.

And if you want an overall feel-good and comfortable mattress then Smart luxe would be the best pick.

Smart ortho is cheaper than Smart luxe. But you’ll get more hotel-quality AKA premium experience with Smart luxe.

Wrapping up

The sleep company Smart luxe mattress is a luxury mattress and you’ll get what you paid for.

You’ll get a luxurious feel and comfort. The sleep company has a very active customer support team.

They will hear your queries and provide you with solutions. And in case you’re not comfortable with your purchase you have a return window open.

I have seen many people get brand-new mattresses if they’re not satisfied with their purchase.

The sleep company is a NEW brand in India. They’re working hard to capture customers’ attention.

This NEW SmartGRID technology is not hype but it’s a real thing. It relieves pressure points and gives you comfort.

I agree! A Smart luxe mattress is not ideal for longer sitting especially if you’re a heavyweight.

But as she said…a mattress is meant for sleeping not for sitting!

You won’t feel hot sleeping on Smart luxe even in summer.

So, Is the Smart luxe mattress worth the price?

Absolutely. You can go with a Smart luxe mattress. You’ll definitely get a comfortable experience.

Check out the latest price on Amazon from HERE.

I hope now you’ll easily make your decision after reading the Smart luxe mattress review.

If you’ve any questions in mind feel free to ask them in the comment section.

I’ll help you out.

If you really liked this article, share it with your friends. And check out other mattress-related articles from here.

Till then sweet dreams!


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