What Are the Orthopedic Mattress Benefits: [Top 7 Benefits Listed]

Yes! An orthopedic mattress will help you reduce back pain.

But what else?

What are the OTHER benefits of an orthopedic mattress? You might be wondering.

Well, in this article I will share 7 orthopedic mattress benefits that you might not be aware of.

Orthopedic mattress benefits

Let’s start with the first one.

Comes with adequate firmness

If you ask me…What type of firmness is most suitable for healthy sleep?

Medium firm or firm should be my answer.

In the Indian bedding industry three comfort types are quite popular:

  • Medium firm
  • Firm
  • Soft or medium soft

Soft and medium soft comfort will provide you with a cloud-like sleeping experience.

You might LOVE it in the initial days. But after some days you might feel uncomfortable sleeping in soft or medium soft comfort.

There is a REASON. Let me tell you…

Medium soft or soft comfort will sink your body in especially your hips when you lie down.

That creates an uncomfortable shape of your spine. You won’t notice it in a day or two…

But if you continuously use a medium soft or soft mattress then you might feel back pain especially lower back pain with it.

If you’re heavyweight then you might feel hard to wake up from the medium soft or soft mattress.

On the other hand, things are opposite with medium firm or firm comfort.

It keeps your spine in its natural shape to prevent lower back pain. And you can easily wake up from the mattress even if you’re heavyweight.

An orthopedic mattress comes with the firm or medium firm comfort that gives you enough firmness for better comfort and movement.

Provide great lumbar support

Most people face lower back pain in India nowadays. All thanks to our all-day sitting job.

And yes thanks to Smartphone addiction. Our posture has been compromised a lot.

Just look at yourself in the mirror while using the phone.

Just notice yourself right now. Yes, now!

You’re reading this article but your posture is BAD!

Your spine is bent. Right?

Your shoulder falls ahead. Right?

And you’re constantly looking at the screen.

Well, I also do the same. You’re not alone my friend. We’re in the same boat!

You can’t control your posture TOTALLY! But you can…

Sleep on the orthopedic mattress which provides great lumbar support. It can maintain your lumber’s natural shape at least while you sleep.

And you will feel more relaxed!

Orthopedic mattresses are made to provide great lumbar support. You’ll feel relaxed while sleeping if you own the ortho mattress.

With an ortho mattress, your lumber or lower back gets enough support to maintain its natural shape of it.

Distribute the weight evenly

Soft support mattresses have their own charm but you can’t sleep on them every day!

Soft mattresses sink into your body, especially hips, and create uneven spine shape.

While most orthopedic mattress comes with the medium firm or firm comfort it distributes the weight evenly.

A medium firm or firm comfort is ideal for relaxed and pain-free sleep.

An orthopedic mattress distributes your weight evenly throughout the mattress.

So, whenever you turn or move in the middle of the night you won’t feel sinking in and you can just easily move and wake up the next morning without any body aches.

Who else wants body aches the next morning?

In most cases, the worst weight distribution is the biggest factor for getting back pain from the mattress.

Orthopedic mattresses especially focus on the even weight distribution to minimize the sinking in effect.

Well maintained corners/edges

Have you ever felt toppled over while sleeping just at the corners?

The worst feeling, no!

Well, poor corners are the factors for feeling falling down.

Orthopedic mattresses’ corners are well made and it can hold your weight evenly to hold you even if you’re a corner sleeper.

Orthopedic mattress comes with the firm or medium firm comfort support. That creates extra support at the corners as well compared to a soft mattress.

An orthopedic mattress has solid corner lines which protect you from falling down.

Next time you buy any mattress check out if the mattress has solid corner lines especially if you’re a corner sleeper.

Reduce the back pain

Orthopedic mattresses are specially made to help reduce body pain problems especially back, neck, and shoulder pain.

If you are struggling with back pain because of the old mattress you’ll definitely feel more comfortable sleeping on an ortho mattress.

Doctors often recommend orthopedic mattresses to patients who have spine, slipped disc, or sciatica problems.

The orthopedic mattress provides adequate support to your back, hips, and shoulder. So, the blood keeps flowing throughout your body.

You’ll get enough support even if you’re a stomach or side or back sleeper.

Durable and long-lasting

80% of orthopedic mattresses are made of memory foam or foam material.

Foam easily adapts according to body shape for better comfort and movements.

The foam material is durable enough to easily survive for 10-15 years if you take enough care.

Just don’t let your kid jump 😅. Once in a while should be allowed! haha.

Foam mattresses are lightweight. You can easily move and flip an orthopedic mattress in case you want to move your bed!

You can sit for longer without sinking in

Have you ever felt sinking in with your mattress while sitting?

Let me tell you the TRUTH. Some other mattresses are not meant for sitting.

You might feel sinking in and find it uncomfortable to sit in especially with a medium soft or soft mattress.

Orthopedic mattress comes with the medium firm or firm comfort that distributes your weight evenly and you won’t feel sinking in while sitting.

An orthopedic mattress is best suitable if you watch TV or do your work from your bed or you spend most of your time sitting on your bed.

You won’t feel uncomfortable!

So, if you spend most of your time sitting or sleeping on the mattress then you’ll find an orthopedic mattress comfortable enough.

Wrapping up

There is a MYTH that orthopedic mattresses are only made for people struggling with back pain.

That is not a TRUTH.

Any normal person can also use the orthopedic mattress without any discomfort.

Nowadays, an entry-level orthopedic mattress falls under the 15,000 INR budget.

A normal mattress also costs you the same. So, it might be better to go with an orthopedic mattress instead of a normal one. Right?

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In this post, I’ve listed only the main benefits. There are other tons of orthopedic mattress benefits.

In case you missed here are the 7 main orthopedic mattress benefits:

  • Comes with adequate firmness
  • Provide great lumbar support
  • Distribute the weight evenly
  • Well maintained corners/edges
  • Reduce the back pain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • You can sit for longer without sinking in

I hope now you’re aware of Orthopedic mattress benefits. If you have any questions in mind feel free to ask them in the comment sections.

I will help you out.

Till then sweet dreams.



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