How to Sleep Fast at Night? (8 Tips to Sleep Faster)

In this fast-moving world, most of the people struggling to sleep fast at night. 

Sleep is something which affects directly to your health.

If you getting healthy sleep, you will feel fresh the next morning. 

..and you could perform your daily task with high energy.

I also faced this issue in the past. I didn’t get sleep fast at night. 

…which directly affect my next day’s task.

I felt lazy during the day and it affects my productivity.

So, I started to research on the topic: “how to sleep fast at night”

On the internet tons of information available from the 4-7-8 method to meditation to get sleep fast at night.

I tried almost everything and reached the conclusion.

So, now I will be sharing with you some points or tips which will help you to sleep fast at night.

How to sleep fast at night?

How to sleep fast at night

Avoid digital screen

In today’s digital era, we almost use our digital screen every minute, from mobile phone to television.

We are almost addicted to it.

..and it’s part of our lifestyle.

I’m not totally against it.

I will tell you what works for me. 

..I’m a young man so, you could understand I’m into social media, games, web-series., I make a routine. 1 hour before going to bed I almost avoid my phone to use. 

In the beginning. I felt desperate to use the phone to see WhatsApp messages, check emails. 

But days after days I trained my mind, not to use a mobile phone before bedtime.

I didn’t directly jump to the 1-hour rule. 

..I started with 10 minutes and gradually increased to 1-hour. 

And when I see results, I feel amazed.

This digital device spread blue light to your eyes.

..and this blue light tick your brain, that it is daytime.

So, your brain gets confused and you don’t get a fast sleep.

Avoid using a digital screen before bedtime or use blue light defector glasses to protect your eyes.

Take shower before going to bed

A warm shower before bed will help you to get sleep fast at night. 

Say no to coffee

Caffeine has anti-oxidants and it’s beneficial for our health. 

Did you notice, morning coffee will feel you energetic.

Yes! Because coffee enhances your body and focus.

That’s why most of the gym-goers take caffeine as pre-workout so, their body and focus get enhance.

..and ultimately they can build a connection between muscle and mind.

Coffee helps you stay awake. Never consume it in the night. You can take it in the day time.

Check your mattress

If you travel a lot then you notice this thing. 

In the hotels, you get better sleep than your room. 

Don’t judge me here! It’s happened to me.


..because in most of the cases hotels use the premium mattress. Which has softer to medium firm.

Although those mattresses are costly, you can always check the alternate option to buy yourself a mattress.

On the internet, hundreds of good quality mattress available which doesn’t cost you more. 

Most of the online seller sell their mattress direct from their manufacturing unit.

So, they don’t have to pay for a middle man.

..and you get a better deal than a physical store.

Check out: Best mattress in India online.

Exercise or walk

Everyone should have to do exercise or at least walk for 45 minutes.

It’s beneficial for your health and you also get better sleep at night.

In this world. Machines do everything for us. 

..and this machine make us lazy! (harsh truth)

If you perform the daily exercise or walk, your body gets tired and it makes you fall asleep fast.

Recently, I used to do home workouts and it really helps me get better sleep at night.

Let’s breakdown the science:

When you perform the exercise, your muscle tissue breakdown and when you go sleep it’s again combined. It is a recovery phase of the body.

..and if you perform workout your body needs sleep naturally and you get to sleep fast at night.

Any form of exercise will help you get faster sleep. You can do bodyweight exercise or even walk will also help you to get better sleep at night.

Follow the routine

If you know then, the military person has a set routine to sleep and wake up. They strictly follow their routine.

Our body works very well if you set routine for yourself. 

If you wake up late in the morning, then you get asleep late in the night.

But, if do the opposite of it you will get asleep fast in the night.

Set any time to sleep according to your schedule and try to follow it for a week. You will see the difference in getting sleep at night.

If you sleep at 11’o clock then after a week you’re body needs rest around 11’o clock.

…because the human body adapts the routine.

Don’t overeat dinner

Our body has more power to digest heavy foods in the day time compare to night time.

So, make sure you have lite dinner. 

And take dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. 

…Yes! I know. You’re a busy person and you return home in the late evening.

In that case, make sure after having dinner you take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes. It will help you to get sleep fast at night.

Forget the tension

Almost every person has some kind of stress or tension, from job to family stress.

Stress makes people depressed. Life is all about Ups and downs.

So, be ready for it. Lord Shree Krishna said: “change is the rule of nature”

Don’t think too much. It will be going alright once. 

When you’re going to sleep try to avoid negative thoughts and focus on the positivity only.

Remember the things that make you happy throughout your life.

You can try yoga or meditation to cut down stress. It will help you to relax your body. 

Infant gets to sleep faster than the adult. WHY?

..because they don’t have stress or tension in mind.

So, try to sleep like a child 🙂

Final words

Sleep is important, and quality sleep is the most important. Make sure you take at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep.

Quality sleep will help you to increase your productivity the next day and make you more healthy.

Try to avoid digital screen or wear a digital screen protector spectacles. 

Take a relaxing shower before bed.

Avoid drinking coffee late in the evening.

You can switch your mattress for better sleep.

Daily exercise and 45 minutes walk will help you asleep fast.

Follow the daily set routine.

Don’t overeat dinner, even though your favourite dish has made.

Don’t take stress or tension and sleep like a child.




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