10 Benefits of Quality Sleep

Sleep! Everyone likes to sleep, but do you know what is the benefits of quality sleep?

In today’s fast-moving world people are getting less sleep and do more work in 24 hours, it directly effects on their health in the long run. 

Here, I have pointed out 10 benefits of quality sleep.

Benefits of Quality Sleep

Benefits of quality sleep

Lower the risk of heart disease

Many studies show that if you get 8 hours of quality-sleep, You are on the lower risk of heart disease.

The blood pressure goes down while you sleep. Your heart and blood vessels in a bit relaxed mood while sleeping. Higher the blood pressure, more chances of heart stroke.

So, Sleeping less than 7-8 hours per night may dangerous sign for your heart.

If you want to keep your heart healthy, then get 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night.

A productive day

A night of good quality sleep will lead you to a productive next day. You ended up waking up with a fresh mood. 

The fresh mood will lead you to a productive day. You will more alert in a day, and you feel energetic whole day.

You can use that energy to do some active works, meetings, exercises, or anything throughout the day. An active day makes you tired at the end of the day and again you get better sleep at night.

Helps in better digestion

People who do night shifts jobs have a problem regarding the poor digestion system. 

The food digest very fast while you are sleeping. When you sleep, your mind gets in the peace position and body can focus more on to digest the food that you ate throughout the day.

If the digestion system works well, you feel better and more energetic throughout the day. So, 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night will help in better digestion.

Children can grow faster

Children grow when they are sleeping. Sleeping makes children’s mind calm. So, the body can flow more nutrients towards bones and joints.

The more nutrients bones get, the faster they grow. If you have growing children in the home, make sure he is getting a proper 8 hours of quality sleep.

Reduces stress

Many people believe that good quality sleep is a stress buster, and it is absolutely true. 

When you sleep for fewer hours, your body goes into the state of stress. Which causes the production of stress hormones and also increase your blood pressure.

Increased blood pressure will lead to heart stroke, and stress hormones make it harder for you to fall asleep. So, it’s better to get a quality sleep every night.

Improves memory power

While you sleep, your brain works to remember all the things that you did in a day. That improve your memory power and you will remember the memories for the long run.

To repair body itself

Our body has a unique feature, it can repair anything inside our body by itself while we are sleeping. So, that’s why doctors suggest you, take rest while you are sick.

When we are in sleep mode, Our body cells produce more protein, that helps to repair the damaged cells. 

So, 8 hours of sleep all you need while you are sick for early recover.

Help you in the weight loss journey

Researches have found that people who sleep fewer hours are more likely to be overweight.

If you sleep fewer hours, your 2 hormones ghrelin and leptin, which regulates appetite, have disturbed. Fewer hours of sleep directly affecting and disturbing on regulates appetite hormones.

So, 7-8 hours of quality sleep will be a perfect sweet spot to regulate appetite and helps in weight loss journey.

Best suitable for Gym-goers

If you are a body-builder or gym-goers than like nutrients and exercises, sleep is the most important parts for you.

You go to the gym, do heavy weight-lifting or cardio. Your muscle gets fatigued. You provide good nutrients to body but if you don’t get proper 7-8 hours of quality sleep, your goal will be postponed.

Because of the heavy weightlifting, muscle fibre gets fatigued. The nutrients that you ate helps muscle fibre to re-join with higher mass. When you sleep muscle fibre re-join and you achieve your dream physics in a certain period of time.

Better immune system

Getting 8 hours of sleep will improve your immune system and protect you from the common cold. Researches have found that people who sleep 8 hours per night have a better immune system than the fewer hours sleepers.


In this fast-moving world, everyone has pressure to work more, earn more. So, they compromise with their sleep.

If you have adequate time than always get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. A night of quality sleep will help you to stay stress-free, energetic throughout a day, and also helps in better digestion, better heart health, better immune system, better memory power and many more things.

So, always keep in mind 7-8 hours of Quality sleep are most useful for human nowadays.


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